According to reports, the downfall of Canada’s Lambo-driving Crypto King’ has resulted in $35M in losses

As 140 of his investors try to recoup a total of $35M from his company AP Private Equity Limited, a self-described “Crypto King”, a 23-year-old man is now facing a raft if demands.

A Tuesday CBC report said that creditors are working hard to figure out where all the money went. They allegedly gave Canadian Aiden Pleterski crypto and foreign currency investments for their benefit.

Pleterski’s bankruptcy trustee’s report, minutes of creditors meetings, court filings, and complaints to Investigation Counsel PC revealed that Pleterski owned 11 cars, leased four more luxury cars, and lived in a $45,000 per month rental house on Lakefront.

Assets worth approximately $2 million have been seize so far. These assets include two McLarens as well as two BMWs and one Lamborghini.

Norman Groot, founder of Investigation Counsel PC — an fraud recovery law firm — said that the “large lifestyle burning rate” doesn’t account for the missing money.

Pleterski was initially sued and his assets and bank accounts were frozen. However, bankruptcy proceedings have now taken over. It is the only way to recover investors’ assets at this stage. Bankruptcy proceedings have priority over civil claims.

Groot stated that investors have no other options but to report to the Ontario Securities Commission or the police.

He said that these processes can take a long time and that it is less likely to recover evidence or money.

Groot stated that investors should be aware of the dangers associated with excessively high returns.

The open market does not offer five per cent interest (a week) Talk to someone conservative to get another opinion.

Diane Moore, a creditor, invested $60,000 in her investment contract. She claimed that she received a 70-30 split of any capital gains. Capital gains were targeted at 10-20 percent biweekly.

She claimed that the whole thing was built on trust, and that she had $50,000 extra.

Micheal Simaan, Pleterski’s attorney, has refuted the allegations and stated that his client has been fully cooperating with the bankruptcy proceedings.

Simaan claims that his client began investing in crypto when he was a teenager. After his success in the bull market, others offered cash to help him make it big.

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“Shockingly, it appears that no one thought about what would happen to the cryptocurrency market if it crashed or whether Aiden was qualified to manage these types of investments, given his young age.

Pleterski said that his investment company was in trouble due to “a series margin calls and bad trades”, possibly made worse by the market crash and ongoing crypto winter .

He stated that all of the money invested by investors in 2021 and 2022 has been repaid.

After requesting bank statements and proof of transactions, the trustee stated that they needed additional evidence to support the trades.

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