Cryptocurrency is not just an alternative form of currency. It has also become the focal point of much investment activity. Despite its market volatility, cryptocurrency in all its forms continues to gain value.

The reason for this is because a part of these circulating bitcoins are lost, with owners losing access to their public keys. Furthermore, some of them have been taken away due to cyber theft.

Whichever side of the trading turf you belong to, you must be brushing up on the happenings of Wall Street. If you have, you will have come across a buzzword that has become the focal point of much “hype”—meme stock.

Staking allows a cryptocurrency holder to lock his coins in a system to participate and help maintain its operations. It works for blockchains that have integrated a proof of stake (PoS) system. Through staking, you help a system maintain its liquidity and also get rewards as a result.