BitBoy Crypto sues Atozy, a YouTuber, for defamation regarding shilling claims

Two well-known YouTube content creators will be locked in a legal battle over a video that allegedly promoted a scam project.

Bitboy Crypto is a YouTube channel that Ben Armstrong started. It features a wide range of content on cryptocurrency news, tokens, and trading advice. It has more than 1.4 million subscribers and has been online since February 2018.

This channel is well-known for its trading-focused videos and news pieces with headlines such as Top 3 Coins to Outperform Ethereum! The type of content that is distributed to viewers is illustrated by Strong Short Term Play.

These videos claim to provide trading advice. However, the channel has a disclaimer that clearly states that Armstrong is not a “professional advisor in business areas including finance, cryptocurrency and taxation or the practice of legal.”

Bitboy Crypto has been criticized by the wider cryptocurrency community for misleading viewers about different tokens and projects. Armstrong attempted to refute these claims. A prime example is a heated podcast conversation hosted in November 2021 by Anthony Pompliano, a cryptocurrency investor.

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Armstrong sought legal recourse after an incident in which another YouTuber posted comments on a BitBoy 2020 video. Erling Mengshoel Jr is better known as his YouTube channel Atozy. He found a Bitboy video that promoted a project called Pamp network token for 2020.

After a reported ‘rug pull’ by the founders, investors were left empty handed. According to CoinGecko data, the value of PAMP tokens fractions a dollar is down from its July 2020 high of $2.73.

Atozy posted comments on the Bitboy video labeling Armstrong’shady’ for mislead viewers in the wake of PAMP’s failure. Atozy then created a full video on his YouTube channel in November 2021 called This YouTuber scams its fans… Bitboy Crypto. claiming that Armstrong was dishonest because he claimed to be an expert on cryptocurrency to promote a project which ended up failing.

Officially Armstrong filed a federal lawsuit against Mengshoel in the United States District Court of the Northern District of Georgia at Atlanta on Aug. 12. The complaint included a number of claims including defamation and infliction of distress.

Mengshoel was finally served at his residence a few days later. He has asked for viewers’ and cryptocurrency community help to address what he called a “frivolous lawsuit” from Armstrong.

Mengshoel launched a GoFundMe page to address the lawsuit head-on. Armstrong is suing for damages and legal fees in excess of $75,000. Over 450 people have contributed to the initiative, which has already received more than $20,000 in just 24 hours.

Prominent pseudonymous Twitter cryptocurrency trader Cobie, (Jordan Fish), has donated 100,000 USDC for Mengshoel’s legal defense. The British trader initially promised to help Atozy via Twitter, and confirmed he had transferred the USDC funds.

Cobie stated in a tweet that his involvement was driven primarily by his dislike of ‘frivolous suits’ that were aimed at people who couldn’t afford them.

Cointelegraph reached out to both sides for comments on the proceedings and will update this article accordingly.

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