Dan Held

While the pair talked about their respective paths to crypto, Bitcoiner Dan Held welcomed Nicole Behnam to Austin.

Dan Held ( BTC) is a well-known name in the Bitcoin world, while Nicole Behnam, a journalist and NFT enthusiast, is an established figure. The pair visited Austin, Texas together, and got a glimpse of the local culture while exploring their respective journeys into cryptocurrency.

Held took Behnam along to a local gun range, where the pair were able to shoot a rare German MP40 from World War II. Behnam grabbed her first cowboy cap from a local shop and matched it with a pair boots before they finished their thoughts about cryptocurrency.

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They concluded the day by discussing the perception of Bitcoin as non-fungible tokens. Web3 became more prominent. Held concluded the interview with a broad overview of reasons other blockchain platforms use some degree of decentralization in order to allow other functionality.

“This is the place where many Bitcoiners don’t question Bitcoin’s nature. What if Bitcoin has been overoptimized in security and decentralization? […] This could be an error in our thinking.

Held stressed, however, that this is why Bitcoin is strong against potential attacks from nation-states.

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