: Blockchain enthusiasts surge as they attempt to’stack crypto’

In September, blockchain gaming user activity (DApps) soared with many games reporting significant increases in their active users.

According DappRadar data, seven of the top ten games in terms “unique wallet addresses interfacing with dapps smart contracts” have increased in the past 30 days. All five top games were in the green in that period.

The Web3 gaming platform Gameta and the blockchain-based games Alien Worlds and Solitaire Blitz, Benji Bananas, Splinterlands and Farmers World are the DApps that have seen growth during the period.

DappRadar stated in a September 27 blog post that 8 of the top 10 current blockchain games were mobile-first. This could “bring millions to the blockchain,” he said.

“Dapp games such as Gameta, Benji Bananass, Upland and Trickshot Blitz allow anyone to earn crypto without any prior investment or knowledge.”

It added that “using daily activities such as hyper-casual mobile gaming as a hook ensures that users find enjoyment once they interact with it, while solid tokenomics encourages everyday use and retention.”

DappRadar stated that one possible reason for the rise in popularity blockchain games, despite the bear markets, is the idea of “bleeding in the bear and running in the bull”.

“The idea that investing in crypto and in bull markets pays off is almost proven.”

The largest increase in users was seen by Animoca Brands’ Benji Bananas, (Polygon), who saw a 16.54% rise over the last 30 days. This game was not available on mobile until March 2018. Animoca introduced play-to earn (P2E), elements via the Bored Ape Yacht Club affiliate Ape coin (APE).

Although it’s not clear what caused the increase in Benji Bananas users, hosted a gaming event that featured a number of valuable NFTs for the winners.

Blockchain gaming activity: DappRadar

Only Axie infinity, Trickshot Blitz, and Upland experienced decreases over 30 days.

This month’s increase in blockchain gamers is due to Bloomberg pointing out in a Sept. 28 Article that the highly correlated NFT markets trading “frenzy” is almost dead. It cites a drop of 97% overall NFT trading volumes since January as evidence.

Yat Siu, co-founder of Animoca Brands, pointed out via Twitter Sept. 30 that simply looking at NFT sales volume does not necessarily reflect the entire picture in NFTs and gaming.

Siu pointed out that NFT prices have declined in line with the value of their paired assets like Ether ( ETH), while many other games, which don’t get the attention often, require NFTs that can be relatively inexpensive. Instead, he stressed that Web3 should be a focus on user activity and the number people who enter it.

Gods Unchained announces 10 top NFT sales

Cryptoslam reports that NFT-based card game Gods Unchained, which is a card battle game, has seen its NFT volume climb into the top 10 over the past 30 day, according to Cryptoslam.

Gods Unchained saw a 373.25% rise in sales over the last 30 days, to reach $10.8 million as of this writing. After a slow February-August period, this is the first time NFT sales have surpassed $10 million.

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This could be because GameStop is offering Pro members free NFT packs and discussions about a “Season 2” upgrade to the game. During this week, an esports tournament was with a $70,000 prize pot.

Gods Unchained also saw a significant rise in active users in the last 30 days. According to DappRadar, it has gained 28.50% and is now at 14,180. It is still a ways off the top 10, but its user count puts it at twenty-eighth.

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