DeFi detective claims this “suspicious” smart contract code could put dozens more projects at risk.

Zachxbt quoted fellow blockchain investigator MouseDev, who came to the following conclusion after reviewing the code behind Thestarlab: Zachxbt also quoted MouseDev, a fellow blockchain investigator who reached the following conclusion after reviewing Thestarlab’s code:

“The smart contract [for the project] cannot be renounced nor transferred. There is only one additional owner. The original deployer will always remain the owner. If they have the private key from the deployer, they will be able to pull the money even though the owner has the null address.

MouseDev claimed two variables were stored as the owners when project developers deployed their contract. MouseDev stated that they changed one variable to null to make it appear they had relinquished, but retained another.

This information led Zachxbt to claim that it had discovered 31 NFT projects using the same Fiverr developer for the deployment of the allegedly dangerous smart contract. The DeFi detective also made the following comments:

Please exercise due diligence. If you have outsourced, always review the contract before signing. Since then, a few projects have been able to migrate contracts and face the Fiver dev. A few other red flags were also found after internal review.

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