Do Kwon’s breaking of silence triggers responses from

Do Kwon, Terra’s co-founder and CEO, broke his silence regarding the collapse of the algorithmic stablecoin TerraUSD Classic and LUNA 2. The community responded with a variety of sentiments against the Terra executive.

Kwon attempted to clarify his identity in an interview but community members are still unhappy with him. Eric Conner , a podcaster, compared Do Kwon’s situation to that of the Tornado Cash developer , who was arrested. Conner claims that Kwon was a fraudster and is still “partying”, while Tornado Cash developers wrote code to protect their privacy, and are now “fearing the worst.”

Kwon’s interview was also discussed by FatManTerra, a crypto researcher. The interview was described by the researcher as “nothingburger”. FatManTerra tweeted about Terra CEO’s lies. He tried to describe fraud in such a way that it avoids being implicated, but fails to do so.

Cory Klippsten weighed Bitcoin ( ). Klippsten advised those who lost their money in Terra’s collapse to take legal action against Do Kwon. Hailey Lennon , an analyst, believes the Do Kwon interview isn’t worthy of the community’s attention. She wrote, “I’m not sharing the link because it doesn’t deserve clicks.”

There has been a lot of criticism for the Do Kwon interview. Some continue to promote LUNA 2, and claim that Kwon’s innocence. , a Twitter user, wrote that Terra CEO was currently working on a “better LUNA”, and didn’t change his daughter’s name.

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In June, South Korean authorities imposed an travel ban upon Terraform Labs employees. Kwon may be in Singapore already, so authorities could consider invalidating his passport to launch an investigation.

The authorities of South Korea took action against those linked to Terra’s collapse in July. Prosecutors raided 15 businesses, including the exchanges upbit, Bithumb and Coinone, Korbit, Gopax, and Korbit. This was in response to numerous legal complaints about the company regarding the stablecoin incident.

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