DOJ indicts BitConnect founder from India for $2.4B crypto Ponzi scheme

Satish Kumbhani is the founder of BitConnect crypto exchange. He was accused of defrauding investors of $2.4 billion and misleading them globally.

A federal grand jury in San Diego convicted Kumbhani of orchestrating Ponzi schemes via BitConnect’s lending program.

“BitConnect was a Ponzi scheme that paid BitConnect investors earlier with money from later investors. Kumbhani and his accomplices received approximately $2.4 billion in investors’ funds.

Price history for BitConnect (BCC). Source: CoinMarketCap

BitConnect (BCC), which was a hot topic in 2017, reached an all-time high trading price of $463.31. This, according to the DOJ, was the peak market capitalization at $3.4 billion. The graph below shows that the prices plummeted within months, resulting in huge losses for investors.

Kumbhani, a resident of Gujarat, India, allegedly promised investors that they would “generate substantial profits and guaranteed return” under BitConnect’s “Lending Program.” According to the indictment, Kumbhani used funds from new investors to partially repay the investors before abruptly closing the program — a classic Ponzi scheme.

Further, the DOJ stated that Kumbhani along with his accomplices faked market demand to BCC by manipulating markets. The resultant investments were allegedly concealed and transferred via “BitConnect’s cluster of cryptocurrency wallets and various internationally-based cryptocurrency exchanges.”

In support of DOJ’s allegations in September 2021 former BitConnect promoter Glenn Arcaro pled guilty to fraud charges relating to his involvement in the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange and lending platform.

Indictment claims that Kumbhani also evaded U.S. regulations, failing to register with Financial Crimes Enforcement Network FinCEN (as required by the Bank Secrecy Act).

According to the DOJ press release, Kumhani was charged with conspiracy, wire fraud and conspiracy to manipulate commodity prices, operation of unlicensed money transmission businesses, and conspiracy to launder international money.

The FBI Cleveland Field Office (CI) and IRS Criminal Investigations (CI) are currently investigating the case. Kumbhani could face a maximum sentence of 70 years imprisonment if he is convicted on all charges. The DOJ also recommends that all BitConnect investors register as potential victims.

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