FTX.US Job Posting: Blockchain Gaming Unit in the Works

FTX.US is the American arm for the global crypto derivative and spot market FTX.US seems to be launching a new unit in blockchain gaming.

According to a job advertisement by the crypto exchange, the firm is seeking software developers for its new blockchain and gaming unit. The new gaming unit will focus on recruiting more developers for the blockchain-based gaming ecosystem. This is done via nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and crypto tokens.

According to the job posting, the exchange was looking for software engineers who have a solid knowledge of C# programming language and Unity gaming engine. Cointelegraph did not receive any comments from FTX at the time of publication.

Reportedly, the new platform would be catered as “crypto-as-a-service” that would allow game developers to integrate N and crypto token support.

Cointelegraph reported that FTX has announced a $100 million GameFi environment fund, in partnership with Solana Ventures & Lightspeed Venture Partners. Major tech companies have made GameFi a major use case in the crypto industry, with many investing heavily in the play-to-earn ecosystem.

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There are many opinions within the gaming industry about blockchain gaming and P2E. The traditional gaming industry hates the GameFi industry and calls it a “houseful of cards” or a scam, while Web3 supporters see it as the future. Alexis Ohanian, Reddit’s co-founder, recently claimed that P2E would rule the gaming market with a share exceeding 90% in the near future.

The gaming statistics company Newzoo estimates that the global gaming industry generates over $100 billion annually and will surpass $200 billion within the next two years.

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