Is there a bottom?

Crypto community shares its thoughts

When crypto prices fall further, buying the dip immediately becomes difficult. Recent dips have shown that current prices could be a good entry point to traders. Cointelegraph asked Twitter for their opinions on the question: “Is the bottom in?”

Crypto community members share their views on the bottom of crypto prices.

It’s not the end, according to some Twitter users. One member of the community responded, stating that Bitcoin should go lower. They wrote, “This winter will prove difficult.” While they shared the sentiment that it wasn’t yet the bottom of the heap, another Twitter user expressed a more positive outlook, saying that they just cash some winners, and are now waiting for the next step.

A community member wrote “shitcoin maximumist” in their Twitter bio, and replied to the thread with a humorous response. However, it was evident that he was tired of crypto crashes. They tweeted:

Another community member replied with the hope that recent price drops are already at their bottom. The community member stated that traders won’t know if current prices have reached their bottom unless BTC prices exceed $25,000. However, hopes this is the case so that “the fun may resume.”

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In September, analysts debated the Bitcoin bottom topic while shared their thoughts on a Twitter forum hosted by Cointelegraph. Blockware Solutions analyst Joe Burnett spoke about the many factors that are putting pressure on Bitcoin. This includes government efforts to combat inflation.

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