Michael Saylor: Bitcoin is better than physical property for regular people

MicroStrategy CEO, and Bitcoin ( BTC), advocate Michael Saylor doubled his support for Bitcoin during the Australia Crypto Convention. He explained the issues involved in transferring the value to physical properties like gold, stock of companies or equity or real estate.

Saylor spoke out about the underlying Proof-of-Work (PoW consensus mechanism) and highlighted that Bitcoin is supported by $20 billion in proprietary mining hardware, as well as $20 billion of energy.

He added that it was almost impossible to transfer traditional assets like land and gold across geographic boundaries.

“If you own a property in Africa and want to rent it out, nobody will be interested in renting it from you even if you live in London.” If you have a billion USD of Bitcoin, you can lend it or […] let it to anyone in the world.

Saylor also highlighted the high taxes and maintenance costs associated with inheriting or owning long-term physical property, which, in the case Bitcoin, is not the case. The type of assets that can be carried forward between jurisdictions is also determined by geopolitical tensions around the globe. He explained:

“Bitcoin is a property you can purchase in small amounts that you can take with you wherever you go. You can give it to your children’s kids’ children. You might even own the property in 250 years.

Saylor claims that only royalties like King Charles III are allowed to leave their wealth to their descendants without having to worry about it being taxed.

Saylor concluded by highlighting the ongoing upgrades to the Bitcoin network that make it faster, more secure, and innovations around layer-2, and layer-3 applications.

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Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone stated recently that Bitcoin is a “wildcard” that can outperform stocks in a time when traditional finance is heading towards a recession.

McGlone used social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to make it official:

“Bitcoin can be a wild card. It’s more likely to outperform stocks when they bottom, but it will transition to more like gold or bonds.”

Cointelegraph reported that Bitcoin would follow the same trend as gold and treasury bonds, but Ether ( ETH) may have a stronger correlation to stocks.

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