NFT projects continue to thrive despite the fact that OpenSea trading volumes have fallen to

Despite several attempted vampire attacks, nonfungible tokens (NFTs), continue to dominate OpenSea. The number of transactions and unique users is increasing, as well. The NFT market’s total volume is still below ‘s $3 billion figure last month.

NFT projects are in progress and will soon hit the secondary market. However, the sector as a whole seems to be navigating the next step regarding utility and the integration NFTs into the metaverse. Global political uncertainties have also had a noticeable effect on market environments.

The price of Ether ( ETH) has fallen by almost 16% over the past seven days. NFT collectors are not usually discouraged as most NFT projects use Ethereum. This allows them to continue shopping for NFTs at bargain prices. Azuki has made a significant impact on NFT collections in the past 30 days, having amassed over 80,000 Ether ($209 100,216). This has knocked out blue-chip collections such as Crypto Punks and Bored Ape Yacht Clubs (BAYC). Invisible Friends, which launched on February 23rd, has already raised over $23.1 million, with a floor cost of 8.95 Ether ($22.010.74).

Azuki 30-day average price / volume. Source:


Not only are new entrants rotating their collections from the top spots in total volumes, but also older projects are seeing a resurgence as the market conditions improve.

As we approach the end of Q1, here is the current state of the NFT market

3Landers NFT

3Landers surprises the market with its charming appeal and relatability to Doodles and The Simpsons, slipping into the top spot for total volume. Since Feb. 19, 3Landers has amassed over 11,000 Ether ($28.666,000).

3Landers all-time average price / volume. Source:


3Landers’ average sales price has increased 63% over the past seven days. It is one of few projects whose floors continue increasing post reveal. The current floor price is a thin 1.55 Ether ($4.056.35).

3Landers was created on Ethereum blockchain and describes itself as a “…NFT Project centered around community adventure and collaboration.” Maybe it is the positivity that collectors are looking for in light of recent events.

3Landers is a community-centered initiative that will rely on the talents and commitments of its community to help it lead wherever the project might expand.

Some NFT projects are community-oriented in value sharing. Others explore uncharted territory to build digital sovereign nations.

NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds was built with the metaverse at its core. Each of the 10,000 NFT Worlds can be explored and is unique, with the ability to expand. It boasts compatibility with Minecraft, a sandbox-game.

NFT Worlds experienced a surge in growth over the past seven days, reaching a floor of almost 18 Ether.

NFT Worlds 7-day floor price. Source:

NFT Price Floor

NFT Worlds generated more than $42.3 million in volume in the past 30 days, and about half that amount in just seven days, at $21.3 million.

NFT Worlds 7-day average price / volume. Source:


NFT Worlds appears to be attracting Web3 developers and advocates, who grant decentralization and APIs. NFT Worlds will soon integrate a rental system, which allows owners to rent their worlds for a monthly fee using its in-game currency, WRLD.

WRLD, which operates on the Polygon network will offer a reward faucet to creators who meet the criteria. They can integrate a play–to-earn (P2E), game using the token.

Investors seem to be heavily valuing open source and interoperable components as good positions for next phase of metaverse.


Mfers was created by Sartoshi as a play on Satoshi Nakomoto. It climbed to the third position for total volume. Mfers floor prices reached 5.84 Ether ($15.330), registering a nearly 66% increase in total volume over the past seven days.

Mfers 7 day average price / volume. Source:


Meme-inspiring and created these right-facing, slouching stick Mfers. As the average sale price rose by 43% in seven days, it seems that the Mfers’ ethos has recently caused a change within the sector.

There are roughly 5,100 unique holders out of the total 10,000 Mfers available in the collection. The current floor price is 4 Ether ($10.950.08), and has increased nearly 81% over the past seven days.

Mfers have creative commons zero (CC0), meaning that no rights are reserved and investors can build on them. Investors take pride in knowing that their investment will allow them to be creatively free. Many CryptoPunk owners faced severe issues with their intellectual property rights (IP). This is why some view the Mfers proof of profile (PFP), as a symbol to the culture.

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Tubby Cats

Another cat collection is now on the scene, and it’s all about culture. Tubby Cats is a new cat collection that has reaffirmed the affection people have for cats. Tubby Cats is a collection 20,000 anime-inspired cats.

The collection already has 9,000 unique holders, and more than $20.7 million in volume since its whitelist launch on February 21, 2021

Tubby Cats all-time average price and volume. Source:


Tubby Cats are not randomly generated collections. Instead, each tubby cat is created from 120 different themed palettes upon which the rarity is built.

As the Tubby Cat collection is now at number four in total sales volume, it seems that this collection has won the hearts and attention of Crypto Twitter influencers.

Tubby Cats has a long way to go before it reaches Cool Cats status. However, Tubby Cats is already making a mark with collectors of other projects. Tubby Cats is the latest feline-inspired project, but it’s not the only one.

CatBlox Genesis Collection

Although it may have climbed to the fifth spot in the rankings, CatBlox Genesis is a collection of 10,000 adorable and pudgy cats that live in CatBlox. The average sale price for the CatBlox Genesis collection has increased nearly 50% since its launch on February 17, with 5,400 holders already out of 10,000.

CatBlox 7-day average price and volume. Source:


CatBlox announced it has a partnership with Puma, an athletic footwear brand. This is to help CatBlox further its health and wellbeing initiatives. Although it is unclear what the partnership with Puma will entail, Puma is preparing for Web3. Puma changed its Twitter domain name to “Puma.eth” after purchasing other cat-like collections, including CoolCats and Lazy Lions.

CatBlox is a strong collaboration company that recognizes the importance of collaboration. Each collaboration has its own unique functionality.

CatBlox has generated over $15.1million in volume thus far. It is making an announcement with its latest stealth reveal.

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