Polygon aboards Simba Chain to Scale Ethereum and Develop Infrastructure

According to a recent announcement, Ethereum ( EETH), layer-2 solution Polygon ( MATIC ), is integrating Simba Chain to scale up and create new infrastructure for Web3.

Polygon is a well-known scaling solution provider. The new integration will help to create the next chapter in Web3’s history and expand the range of services provided by the Polygon network. SIMBA chain will use the full-stack scale solution to create and manage custom white-label, non-fungible token (NFT), Marketplaces for customers.

Major Web2 companies are considering making the switch due to Web3’s growing popularity and influence. However, many people get discouraged by the difficulty of creating a decentralized infrastructure. Simba is working to reduce the barriers with its tools. Simba offers a cloud-based smart-contract platform that provides enterprise-level security to the company.

Simba Chain is an API platform that provides infrastructure for Web3 project development to Web2 companies. This firm seeks to lower barriers of entry for new companies in the Web3 ecosystem. Web3 has made a name itself as a developer platform that offers technology solutions to many United States defense agencies.

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Simba and Polygon will collaborate to promote and integrate Simba’s metadata bridge (MDR). This is in the interest of creating safe digital asset custody solutions by widespread interoperability. Simba Chain CEO Bryan Ritchie told Cointelegraph:

“Simba allows developers to create on any chain, and change it at any stage of the project. The platform is chain-agnostic.”

Ritchie said that this flexibility allows the developer to adapt to changing needs without having to rebuild the entire project.

The Web3 infrastructure provider raised $25,000,000 in September 2021 through a Series A round. It also has several major partnerships for its NFT market.

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