Kyle Roche withdraws from class-action practice following video leak

High-profile crypto lawyer Kyle Roche filed to withdraw from several class-action lawsuits in the wake of claims made by CryptoLeaks.

A series of court records released Aug. 31 shows that Roche is “no longer associated” with Roche Freedman’s class action practice.

Roche was also removed from the class action lawsuits against Tron and Global Trading by the law firm.

Roche Freedman, a cryptocurrency law firm, stated that Roche would withdraw as an attorney in the Tether/Bitfinex Crypto asset litigation matter. He also said that Roche was no longer involved with RF’s class-action practice.

These motions don’t mean that the lawsuits are going to be dropped. They could still go ahead without Roche.

Roche’s withdrawal is part of the ongoing fallout from a CryptoLeaks expose. This expose features videos of Roche allegedly disclosing a relationship to Ava Labs and a “secret deal” to “harm” competitors through the United States legal systems.

Roche issued a statement on Aug. 30 deniging the allegations and claiming that they were an attempt to retaliate against a defendant in a prior case.

“These videos were recorded during private meetings between Christen Ager Hanssen and me, who I now know works at Dominic Williams, creator of ICP Token, as well as the defendant in a high profile securities fraud litigation my company brought against him.

Emin Gun Sirer, CEO of Ava Labs, followed the lead and denied the alleged arrangement Roche. He called it “conspiracy theory absurdity.”

CryptoLeaks is an anonymous website that claims it can launch investigations using information from whistleblowers to expose scams and attacks in the crypto-world. It has not stopped making these claims.

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Roche’s decision to withdraw from the case shortly after the leak has sparked speculation. Roche Freedman has not yet provided any confirmation about the reasons for Roche’s withdrawal or whether they will continue with the lawsuits.

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