The Merge price outlook: Bullish or Bearish for ETH? TheChartGuys interview

This week’s Market Talks features Dan McDermitt, a professional trader and senior analyst at

He contributes knowledge and feedback to the development of technical analysis education. He is responsible for providing video reports and teaching others how to preserve capital and make it more profitable.

Dan will discuss the Ethereum Merge’s price outlook and whether he, as a professional trader is bearish or bullish on the news. We look at the charts to see where the price may go next and the key price levels.

Is this the last chance to buy crypto at these low prices? Or will they continue to fall? We will discuss how traders view these market dips and how they can use them to their advantage. We discuss the reasons why Bitcoin’s price has been falling steadily over the last few months, and what positive indicators might be used to end this bear market.

Is Bitcoin heading towards $15K? Or was $17.6K at the bottom of Bitcoin’s price range? How important are the price levels that we need to be aware of before Bitcoin reaches the new low point of $15K Dan also answers our questions about his views on the 4-year market cycle. Does he still believe it? Or has there been a shift in market trends?

What should those who have made investments in the market do now? Should they be trading, buying, selling, hodling, or hodling? This is what we hear from an experienced trader to provide you with the best insight and information.

Bitcoin and stock markets are often viewed as being correlated. But what would it take to see Bitcoin finally decouple with the stock market? It is often difficult for traders to seperate emotions from trades. Dan asks Dan what the best way is to get rid of emotions while trading.

Listen to your voice and tune in. We will be answering your questions throughout the show so make sure you have them on hand.

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