OriginTrail’s TRAC token,

, rises 162% after launch of a real-world application-case

After three turbulent years of congestion at shipping ports and an interruption to the just-in time delivery system, the global supply chain is still struggling to get its ship back on track.

OriginTrail (TRAC) is a blockchain project that aims to solve these problems and facilitate the transition from HTML3. It’s a logistics-focused blockchain protocol, focusing on supply chain management. The goal of OriginTrail (TRAC) is to be the first decentralized knowledge graph in the world (DKG).

Cointelegraph Markets Pro, TradingView data shows that TRAC’s price has risen 162% over the past week. It went from $0.36 on March 15, to $0.95 per day on March 22, amid a 1,070% rise in trading volume in the last 24 hours.

TRAC/USDT 4-hour chart. Source: TradingView

Three main reasons explain the sudden increase in TRAC’s trading volume and price: The ongoing rollout and launch of OriginTrail V6, AidTrust, and the migration from Web3.

OriginTrail v6

TRAC’s outlook is being boosted by the ongoing rollout OriginTrail v6 which is currently available on the testnet.

OriginTrail’s team claims that v6 is the next evolution in the DKG and will improve performance by many orders of magnitude. It will introduce new capabilities such as Universal Asset Locators, and enable interoperability between legacy knowledge graphs like the Google Knowledge Graph.

If you are interested in helping the OriginTrail community, you can now set up a node v6 to earn TRAC and support the network’s overall operation.

AidTrust launched

AidTrust was launched in partnership with BSI UK as a joint product to increase trust and visibility in the supply chain of pharmaceuticals.

AidTrust combines DKG’s capabilities with BSI’s extensive supply chain expertise to ensure that donated medicine reaches its intended recipients in a timely fashion.

AidTrust allows pharmaceutical manufacturers and NGOs to track the flow of donated products throughout the supply chain. They can identify potential risks and take real-time, secure decisions based upon the data.

AidTrust is currently being implemented in more than 80 treatment centers in India. Plans are to expand the platform to 40 countries.

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Integration to Web3 or Polkadot

TRAC’s third factor is Web3’s ongoing rise and transition. TRAC’s Decentralized Knowledge graph can monitor, organize, and verify physical assets as well as make them discoverable on blockchain.

Projects like OriginTrail, which help with data tracking, will become an integral part of the overall architecture of the internet as blockchain technology becomes more integrated. Data is the currency that powers the digital world.

OriginTrail is currently integrating with the Polkadot eco-system through the creation an OriginTrail parachain. This parachain will provide oracle functionality to any Polkadot parachain that is interested in DKG integration.

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