TreasureDAO engineer accused of past involvement in questionable NFT project

Decentralized finance (DeFi), detective Zachxbt published a lengthy thread on Twitter regarding TreasureDAO’s front end engineer Just Cheese (or JC) and his alleged involvement in various non-fungible token (NFT). According to the whitepaper, TreasureDAO on Arbitrum is a “decentralized, non-fungible token ecosystem that’s specifically built for metaverse projects.” Listed entities use the ecosystem’s native token, MAGIC for transactions. TreasureDAO regulates the emission of MAGIC.

Zachxbt said that the story started when JC shared his wallet address on the TreasureDAO Discord in November. DeFi detective claimed that he had traced a key series inflows totaling 134.66 Ether ( ETH) into JC’s wallet. These inflows were then sent to several NFT/token project including Mutant Cats and ZombieToadz.

The following explanation was offered by the TreasureDAO Discord project team in an official announcement:

According to our understanding, Cheese performed UI/FE work on a few projects that were created by bad actors while breaking into web3. However, they ended up abandoning the projects after Cheese had delivered his work and been paid. The DAO can’t comment on details of the work, as it was not within Treasure.

The team continued to state:

“We can make a comment about his efforts at Treasure (JC), which have been incredible, contributing to all the UI/FE TreasureDAO sites, products, and thereby, we can.”

Zachxbt is well-known in the blockchain community because of his forensic methods for investigating past conducts of blockchain developers. The DeFi detective claimed last month that Michael Patryn (co-founder of the defunct Canadian crypto trading platform QuadrigaCX) was managing DeFi project Wonderland’s treasury and acting as its anonymous chief finance officer. The matter is still divided among users via social media. Cryptopantone, TreasureDAO’s “evangelist” and moderator, tweeted:

Josh11#3105, an official member of TreasureDAO’s official Discord, tried to emphasize the importance of accountability for this project, writing:

“Seriously, can we use DAO funds for Zach [Zachxbt]? To do an internal background check of all team members’ wallets and to deal with everything in-house so we can get all the bullshit done at once so that we can move on?”

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