What tokens should be bought and hodl for 2022? Find out now on The Market Report live

Cointelegraph’s “The Market Report”, is now live. This week, Cointelegraph’s resident analysts discuss which tokens to buy or hodl in 2022.

First, Marcel Pechman, a market expert, carefully analyzes the Bitcoin ( Bitcoin) as well as Ether ( Ethereum_) markets. Is the current market environment bullish or bearish? What are the prospects for the next few weeks? Pechman will help you understand it.

The main event is next. As Cointelegraph analysts Jordan Finneseth, Benton Yaun and Sam Bourgi debate which tokens to buy and hodl now, It will be Bourgi’s choice. Pax Gold (PAXG), an Ethereum asset backed by the gold metal, was selected. FTX Token, (FTT) is a native exchange token that has similar potential to BNB. THORChain’s RUNE allows token swaps between cryptocurrencies from BTC and ETH. LIDO is the native token for the Lido liquid stake solution for Ethereum 2.0. These are all great choices, and Bourgi seems to have given it a lot thought.

Next, we discover which tokens Yuan picked. FTM is his first pick. This token is the primary one on Fantom’s blockchain network. It provides a highly scalable platform for decentralized financial services, enterprise applications, and decentralized finance. He picked AVAX as his second choice. This native coin is part of the open-source, decentralized proof-of-stake Avalanche Blockchain, which also has smart contract functionality. He chose ATOM for the third spot. This is the cryptocurrency that powers the Cosmos network of blockchains, designed to scale and interoperate. He’s selected the LUNA, which is the token of Terra’s open-source stablecoin network. It is controlled by its stakeholders, for the fourth spot.

Finneseth is the last, and he has his picks. Yuan shares two of them — AVAX, ATOM. Maybe great minds think alike. Third on his list, SOL is the native token for the Solana Blockchain. It claims to have faster transaction times than Ethereum and lower costs. He also has DOT, the native Polkadot token that allows cross-blockchain transfer of any asset or data, and not just tokens. Every analyst has solid picks. But which one will win in the live poll? Keep watching until the end to vote.

We’ve got insights from Cointelegraph Markets Pro after the showdown. This platform is for crypto traders who want stay one step ahead. Cointelegraph Markets Pro is used by the analysts to identify the two most notable altcoins this week: Synthetix Network Token SNX and Request Network’s REQ token.

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